It’s the fastest I’ve ever been on a board riding it from my stomach. I love the board! Dan from S.B.
Are you kidding me !! Where have these new boards been all my life. It makes Boogie boards feel like your riding a mattress! Larry from Ventura
I tried a demo board and instantly knew I needed to have a new epoxy Bomb. They’re so light and really strong! Jeff from Ojai
I’m doing a surf trip to Mexico and south America in a few months for an extended amount of time and I’m taking a bomb along with my other surf boards. I expect to be prepared for all sorts of waves surfing and Bombing!! Killer! Will from Nevada
Thank you for the newest thrill in the ocean that exceeds all others. I ride a high tech Bomb Belly Board now and forever! Lets go Bomb a few!!! Todd in Hawaii
 I need one of those boards! I tried surfing and the learning curve was just too hard for me. I can ride my bomb like a pro in no time at all. Boston Jack S.B.
I have a Bomb hanging in my Deli and bought one to use at my place down in Cabo.Can’t wait to do some Bombing!! Bob L. S.B.
Kids’ at a surf contest in Manhattan beach say: I wish I wasn’t in this surf contest, it’s way more fun to be riding one of those Bomb’s.