The Beginning.  This is a story of the creation of the bomb; no, not a smart bomb, not a destructive bomb.  It’s the creation of a fun bomb.  In actuality, it’s not a bomb at all; it a high tech body board.  Yes, a board, just like a surfboard in many aspects.  It’s made of foam, glassed with fiberglass cloth and resin.  It has  fins just as surfboard does.  The difference is it is shorter, thinner and designed for you to ride on your stomach!  That’s right, on your stomach!   It is not a boogie board, although ridden in the same way.  The bomb board has the ability to get out in front of the white water of the wave, turn, gain speed and cut back on the wave.  You ride the board using swim fins.  It has a leach plug and you fly down the wave unlike being on a usual boogie board.  The bottom of the board is ridged and keeps it’s rocker, (rocker refers to the curve of the bottom of a board from nose to tail.)  A standard store bought boogie board can’t keep from flexing, which in turn slows it down.

My partner and I met many years ago. We’re both heavily into athletics and sports including surfing. Over the years, through our sports and the combination of the type of work we were doing, (masonry, tile work, concrete, framing, plumbing etc.) our bodies began to break down.  Between the two of us we have three hip replacements, one knee replacement, a broken neck, and bone on bone in the shoulder and back.  I think you get the picture, we’re basically “screwed up”!  We have systematically been taking, one by one, the sports we love to do off our “can do” list.  This brings us to where we are today.  After trying numerous other avenues to get back into the water; body surfing, hand planes, boogie boards, we just weren’t getting the thrill we experienced while surfing.  We were not going to give up getting back into the water!  We began looking for belly boards online, trying to find something that may work, but there were no boards to be found.  So we decided to take matters into our own hands.  Through our own research and development we have created the one and only high tech “Bomb Belly Board”!  To all those that have wanted to either get back into or start riding waves, we give you the bomb.  The Bomb Belly Boards are now being dropped on a California beach near your.   Boom…Boom, Boom, Bomb!!!!!

Sincerely, Da Boyz @ BBB